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"We fell in love with each other talking hockey smack online before anyone was online dating and it progressed from there. It’s been almost 14 years now; our anniversary is coming up on August 31st. We will be together forever and be the type if one dies before the other the other person would pass too shortly. My brain injury was almost 4 years ago. Amongst all the other amazing things she does for me, she makes sure I don’t get too isolated.

AJ is my soulmate, main caretaker, lover and best friend. I was told if I wasn’t married I’d be in a care home the rest of my life. That’s some serious love right there. I want AJ to be commended for being a caretaker for the past 4 years without complaint. I have dementia from my 2nd profound traumatic brain injury (Spenser is a retired member of the United States Army). She tries not to take my independence away and is always building me up.

But we always say when we are gone people will write stories of our love. I believe this as well. We are very committed and have the same morals and values which we feel is the foundation of every relationship. If you have the same morals and values it negates issues like feeling cheated on even though they haven’t, feeling like they’re trying to change you, or being possessive.

Gay/lesbian/trans/don’t like labels, it doesn’t matter. We don’t label each other. But what we have can definitely be labelled true love." -Spenser

"We are just your average couple. We volunteer and give back to our community. We are selfless and compassionate. Just trying to live our best lives, like everyone else.

Spenser & I were married right here in Ladner August 31, 2007. Here’s a photo of us when we were married for all of ten minutes!" -AJ

Gay marriage was legalized in BC in 2003. BC was one of the first two provinces to do so, after Ontario.