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"Families come in many different shapes and sizes. I was brought up in a fundamentalist family as a kid, learning LGBTQ was wrong and they would go to hell.

Life changed for me when my one of my twins started asking us to not call them by their name or gender at the park and they were only 4. It ended up with me researching and trying to fix what was wrong. But there was nothing to fix.

My child came out as Transgender at 5. No wavering at all in the last 7 years. He knows who he is. He even was part of a documentary on gender called Beauty.

We lost family and friends, church, and people who I thought supported me. My marriage crumbled, and ended in divorce. My Son being able to live authentically was more important.

My sons twin came out as non binary a year ago. It was because they saw s strength and that Mom would support them no matter what. They have felt more comfortable in their skin, have their own style, and are unapologetically them.

My youngest is Cis gender, but knows that no matter what Mom will love them.

I myself as their mother have had a lot of time since my divorce to think about my gender and sexuality. Gender for myself is something that ebbs and flows. Some days I feel more Fem and wear makeup and get dressed up, other days I feel more Masc and wear loose pants and baggy shirts, and some days are in between. I have also realized I’m pansexual, I fall in love with the person not the plumbing.

But all in all I feel that Queer just defines me the most, and that’s okay. Because families come in so many different shapes, sizes, gender. You just need to keep loving them, because LOVE WINS." -Kat

Kat (she/they) and her family proudly display the transgender and rainbow pride flags. They're a loving family who are living proof that gender is diverse. Watch this documentary featuring Bex, who identifies as trans, here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvtSoaeJeO4&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR3-eSI46yb5cyEH9sxl0hGXjn2oD-FSEg49ShgO1Mt5jTbiRTSruxZWV_Y

Pronouns can be immensely validating for a transgender or gender non confirming child. It is important that work towards improving visibility, education and understanding for rainbow kids like Heather, who identifies as non binary.

Don't know what gender diversity is but want to help? Educate yourself with resources like https://www.tolerance.org/magazine/summer-2013/the-gender-spectrum. There are also scholarships available for LGBTQ+ students.