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"I discovered drag KINGs about 3 years ago. I didn't know that was an option... that phrase seems like the mantra of my life.

Growing up in the suburbs with no queer/pride influences left me with limited knowledge on what WAS possible. For love, for life outside of heteronormativity... which felt restrictive to me. I began identifying as Bisexual when I was about 17 and paved the way for myself, discovering my own community where I could. I now identify as Pansexual, loving a person ‘not the plumbing’ as some put it, lol.

When we first moved to Ladner when I was 12, it was a rocky year… to put it simply. I left and wasn’t planning to come back. But as an adult I saw the small community in a different light and I gave it a second chance.

I'm happy to be back, living near my parents and feeling that sense of small-town community that shows up in nods and smiles from most strangers.

That said, I hope to see more awareness brought to the diverse Pride community that exists in Delta. We have a responsibility to normalize Pride community identities, to help kids and adults feel free to be themselves. Being a drag king gave me an incredible outlet for creativity and vulnerability. I’m so grateful for friends and family that support me and keep an open mind about my self-expression. I hope to provide that same sense of support to people in my local Pride community." -Jenn

Justin may be fresh on the drag scene in VANCOUVER, B.C. in 2019, but he's already the co-Winner of the #KingQueenofHearts in 2020. In his words: "I'm here to steal your heart with my boi-ish charm and twinkly side eye."

Drag is an important way for members of the queer community to explore their sexuality and gender. In drag, a person is free to explore gender fantasies, defy gender stereotypes and most importantly, be themselves. In imitating and mixing gender stereotypes, new ideas of gender are born. Drag is an art and way of life.

Did you know it takes over two hours to get into drag? It's highly recommended that you check out a drag show! Drag queens seem to get all the attention; go give drag kings some love!